**Latest Class Update**

I'm terribly sorry to say that due to a further national lockdown, all classes are currently suspended until further notice.

For home practise, please see videos which are available within the members area here.

Tai Chi classes for people of all abilities and experience.

Beginners are always welcome.

I run two types of class which together provide the Chen-Style Tai Chi curriculum:

Tai Chi Exercises

This class is ideal if you're after a regular exercise class that's similar to, but different from, your usual Yoga, Pilates, Body Balance, gym, or meditation class, and you want to find out what Tai Chi is all about. It's also perfect for developing the foundations and principles for the Tai Chi Form.

Tai Chi Form

The Tai Chi Form class is open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. This class focusses on learning and refining the Chen-style Tai Chi form as well as exploring the foundations and principles in greater depth, including Pushing Hands.


Attend both classes for the price of one

I want to share the wonder of Tai Chi with as many people as I can, so if you register and pay to attend my Tai Chi exercise classes, you get to attend a Tai Chi Form class too, and vice versa without additional fees. So that's two hours of classes for the price of one. But you don't have to if you don't want to, you can just come to the one hour that interest you. It's up to you!

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Video on-demand

Continuing members receive free access to exclusice learning videos on-demand to support their learning and practise of Tai Chi between classes.