Tai Chi is a sophisticated and systematic way to learn about your body and how it functions best.

Tai Chi is practised slowly without stretching, straining, tensing or forcing the body. This allows you to refine your awareness of your body and the quality of movements to develop better overall physical function. Because Tai Chi works at multiple levels simultaneously, it also nourishes the quality of your mind.

Here is a short sequence of movements that make up part of the Tai Chi form:

How is it experienced?

Here are some examples:

My students tell me that they can feel how they've worked their body yet they feel relaxed and recharged after our classes.

They often feel like they're 'floating' while walking home.

They notice very quickly that they're moving differently around the house, that their awareness of where they are in space is improved and they're better balanced and stable when out and about.

They've also said that they've noticed how they're moving differently and using different muscle groups which improves their strength when doing day-to-day things like weeding in the garden. 

They often find themselves better able to cope with day-to-day challenges, getting less wound up and stressed about things, which helps them to deal with situations better.

When they've been through a stressful experience, they find Tai Chi helpful to unwind and de-stress (especially when going through the process of buying and selling a house, I've been told! ⯑).