Woman appreciating her walk through a field

Tai Chi and the cultivation of awareness

The practise of Tai Chi is about paying attention to the quality of movements of doing the form as well as the quality of mind.

Paying attention in this way cultivates awareness of the body and mind over time. You learn to feel how your body moves and how your mind thinks. This brings self-awareness.

In Push Hands exercises which are partner work in Tai Chi, also done slowly and gently, you learn to pay attention to yourself in relation another person. This becomes refined over time. This brings awareness of others.

Because in Tai Chi you're always moving in space, part of your attention is always on the space around you, especially if you're practising within a group of people. This brings awareness of yourself in relation to your space.

And in time, with regular practise, these 'awarenesses' translate into a day-to-day awareness which can permeate all the things you do.

Clem Onojeghuo