I provide two complementary styles of Tai Chi Class to cater for different interests. Beginners are always welcome at both classes:

Tai Chi Exercises

Developed based on feedback from class members who came looking for an alternative and/or supplement to Yoga, Pilates, Body Balance, meditation, or other similar kinds of exercises class, who want to experience the benefits of Tai Chi but without having to spend several years learning the long Chen-style Form (and may not be interested in learning about its martial heritage either).

This class is structured in a similar way to more mainstream exercise classes using repeated and regular Tai Chi exercises. The Tai Chi foundations and principles of the exercises will be covered to provide the physical and mental benefits that Tai Chi offers so comprehensively well.

In this class you'll have plenty of opportunity to switch off and go with the flow.

Tai Chi Exercises is an ideal class to develop the correct foundations and enhance your progress in learning the Tai Chi Form.

Tai Chi Form 

Whilst this class will provide all the mental and physical exercise benefits of Tai Chi, its emphasis is on practising, learning, and refining the first Chen-style Tai Chi form, including Pushing Hands. This class can be attended on its own although you'll usually experience better progress from attending the Tai Chi Exercises classes as well.

The Chen-style Tai Chi form I currently teach is the 74 posture old-style, long form (Laojia Yilu).

Together, both classes will cover the Chen-style Tai Chi curriculum.

Attend both classes for the price of one

I appreciate that not everyone wants or has the time to learn everything that Tai Chi has to offer and that a 1 hour class is enough.

However, if you have registered and paid for one class, e.g. Tai Chi Exercises, and you want to learn more, you are welcome to attend to the Tai Chi Form class on the same evening for free. In effect you can get two classes for the price of one.

To make this easy for you, I have schedule these classes together so you can attend a 'Form' class immediately following your 'Exercise' class (or on Thursday evenings, you can attend the Tai Chi Form class before Tai Chi Exercises - see my Timetable).

If that's not for you, you can just attend for one hour, it's entirely up to you. If two whole hours is too much, you can also just attend 30 minutes of the second session.

Tai Chi Practise and Push Hands

I now provide members with the opportunity to practise their Tai Chi in a group as well as learn the art of Pushing Hands. This class is free to members and open to non members for £2 per session.

See my Timetable for more information.