Silo with graffiti art saying good vibes

I was teaching Tai Chi in a primary school. 25 minutes in to our lesson, just before we did a closing down sequence of moves, I'd completed a section of the Chen-style Tai Chi form for about the fourth time with the children.

I turned around and asked the children how they felt. One child threw his hand up into the air and with a beaming delight expressed: 'I feel really good!'

That made my day. It's wonderful to spend time with people when, as a result, they feel really good.

Tai Chi is like this. There is something about the calm, smooth, flowing quality of movements, without forcing, stretching or straining, that has a tendency to soothe the body and mind in ways that help you to feel really good.

Perhaps there needn't be any other reason for practising? It's good enough on its own.

But come and try it out for a series of 3-4 classes and judge it for yourself.

Kyle Glenn